Hafabid is an entertainment retail auction site that offers the opportunity to purchase, brand name products such as electronics, gadgets, house hold equipment, instrument, machines, cars, motor cycles etc at deep discounts. We combine the thrill of competition with the fun of entertainment and shopping, which is why our users keep coming back for more.

Hafabid is number one among its counterparts if there are any like it (we doubt that).

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Still don’t get ?

When is a product is posted for auction, a timer starts to count down on the product, if a bid is placed the count down timer will increase by 15 seconds  so also the bidding price of the product will also increase depending on the product what as the bidding continues. The last bidder  before the time gets to zero acquires the product on auction he or she will pay the amount of the closing bidding price of the product.

Lets take for example:

A bicycle (that what NGN20,000) was posted for auction, the auction price/bidding price starts from NGN 0.00. For each bidder that bids the countdown timer increases by 15 seconds and the auction/bidding price for the bicycle might increase by NGN1.00 each time a bid is placed. So, If 20 persons engages in bidding for a product, the last bidder before the timer stopped emerged the highest bidder and will pay N20.00 to get the products.

Bidding Credits: This needed to participate in any bidding for product placed on auction. All products retains 1 credit per bid placed. So if you have 10 credits, you can bid 10 times for any products you choose.

Auction/Bidding Price: These increases as the bids are placed on particular product. Some products might had NGN1.00 increase per bid and some can have NGN 100.00 increase per bid . E.g If a Sound system (with Buy now /actual price is NGN100,000) is place on auction  and the price is set to increase by NGN10,  from zero as the bidding increases. If after the bidding process 20 people bid,the last bidder will purchase the product for NGN200.00 = NGN 10 X 20

Start Price:  This is the starting price for some products so that any bid placed increases the amount. E.g if the start price of the bid is NGN 10.00 and per bid increment is NGN2.00, the next auction price will be NGN12.00 and so on till the last bidder acquire the auctioned product.

Buy Now Price/Retail Price:  This is the actual value/ what in NGN of the product placed on auction. This product can be purchased easily without bidding by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button.

NB: When the buy button is used by a bidder after he has bidded for a product, he will only have to pay the actual price of the product minus the amount he has used to bid.

Please be cautious, Do not use the “buy now” button if you have no intention of paying the  amount above the “buy now” button. This will automatically change the bidding amount to the original buying price which you have to pay before you can get the product(s)

Reserve Price: This amount/price must be meet before a product auctioned can be won and if not meet before the timer elapses, the product will be re-auctioned again the next day. E.g if the reserved price for a laptop is NGN50,000 and the toatal bid placed amount to NGN40,000 which is less than the reserved price, the product will be re-auctioned again the next day for 6hrs After which it will be given to the last bidder (even if price is not still met).

Assistant/Assisted bidding feature: This feature is in place so that your bidding counterpart will never out bid you. When you assign some amount of bidding credit to the assistant bidder, whenever another person bids, the assistant/assisted bidder function will immediately bid for you making you the last and highest bidder standing. This feature will help you always remain the last bidder frequently, if used well.

This is very easy and simple.

  1. Kindly click on my account > personal info > fill your personal information correctly
  2. click on my won items >  Buy now >  we will deliver your product between 2 – 10 days
  3. lastly make sure your personal information are correct .